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What’s better painting or replacing?

ANSWER:Our FREE onsite visits by a trained technician are designed to answer that question for you. In fact, such visits result in a replacement recommendation 20% of the time and a restoration recommendation the other 80% of times because Window Revival’s restoration process provides the best value. Go HERE to watch a video explaining the benefits of restoration over replacement.

You no longer have to replace your windows because they’re old and don’t work properly or because you don’t like the colour. We have restored some of the oldest and most difficult windows imaginable.

The condition of your existing windows should now be secondary in determining whether to replace or restore.

And the most important factor in determining whether to replace or restore should be the number of finished surfaces surrounding your windows that you don’t want damaged. It’s the repair cost to damaged surfaces surrounding ripped out windows that can add tens of thousands of dollars to the replacement cost, making aluminium window restoration the best value solution over replacement.

There are lots of reasons why you just wouldn’t want to replace windows if all you wanted was a colour change, such as the hassle of windows being trapped between double brick work, windows that have been plastered or tiled in, windows sandwiched between timber weather boards.

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