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Can I paint my own windows?

ANSWER:Doing projects around the home if you have the time can be rewarding and save you money, if you don’t put a value on your time. So yes, you can paint your own windows- as long as you’ve got plenty of time and patience. It takes two of our guys who restore windows professionally about a week to paint a house with 20 openings. Go HERE to watch a step by step Demo Video that shows you how we operate.

If you plan on painting your own windows, you’ll need a hand- especially with lifting and flipping the sliding door panels. And I’d allow two to three 40 hour weeks to complete the project, so you’d probably want to do it on your annual leave. It’s the type of project you really don’t want to rush.

If the masking on the rubbers goes wrong, the job will look absolutely awful. We have rescued more DIY-ers than you could imagine. And, unfortunately, I have to add another 20%-50% on to the price of our original proposal price to cover the time required to fix whatever’s been done.

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