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How much will I save?

ANSWER:In 80% of onsite visits, I have been able to save clients thousands of dollars over the replacement option, because we restore your windows in place- so there’s no damage to surrounding finished surfaces from ripping your windows out.

We have clients tell us regularly that they saved at least 65% on the replacement cost by painting their windows.

Go HERE to watch a video of Nick Belous, a Primary school teacher in Rochedale, say how he saved at least 65% of the replacement cost.

There are situations where the cost savings of painting versus replacing are minimal. For example: if you’ve already gutted your home with the intention of replastering, and you want to change the colour of both sides of the windows frames (inside AND out), and your old windows are badly corroded, and the glass is in poor condition and to top it off, the rubbers are brittle and perishing! We would suggest you push your windows out and get new ones.

Each job has its own unique set of circumstances, that’s why all site visits are conducted by a trade supervisor and not a salesman.

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