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Paint Warranty


Window Revival Guarantee our Product and Workmanship from peeling, bubbling, cracking and flaking for a period of SEVEN years (under normal conditions) from the date of completion of the work performed.

This Guarantee does not cover damage in the event of windows and doors not being used for normal working purpose: misuse; accidents; mechanical damage due to faulty or non functioning rollers or worn weather felts resulting in metal to metal shearing during opening and closing; exposure to chemicals (e.g. chlorine, acid, corrosive substances), exposure to extreme sunlight, exposure to salt due to proximity to sea, the natural breakdown of materials over time; or problems that may be reasonably expected with normal wear or failure to follow Window Revival care instructions.

Care instructions – the product must be washed down with warm water and non-salt based detergent (“truck wash”) at least once every twelve months, the window channels should be vacuumed every three months to ensure that rollers are able to function properly. Rollers should be sprayed with an approved lubricant once every twelve months (approved lubricant “Inox”).

Window Revival reserves the right to inspect any alleged failure prior to any tampering there with and will not accept any responsibility unless the company is offered the opportunity to inspect the alleged failure, and is given reasonable time to answer such claims.

Warranty applies upon full payment and all monies received for work completed and will be null and void for non or partial payment.

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