A limited number of Window Revival Business Opportunities Exist Now

Are you looking for 'A Change
for the Better'? How about 'Lifestyle and
Financial Freedom in 3-5 years or less'?

Window Revival, Australia's #1 Awarded and Trusted
One Stop Window Restoration Shop is Growing Rapidly and
Expanding Right Now across the East Coast

And... we're looking for highly motivated and customer
focused individuals to join our team.

Window Maintenance and Restoration services are
IN DEMAND and UNDERSERVICED, in a market with
VERY FEW COMPETITORS, making it a very attractive business opportunity for the right person.

The Window Revival Business Opportunity has been designed to give you the freedom and flexibility to make important lifestyle decisions about how you spend your time and the financial reward of finally earning what you are really worth.

Why is Window Revival Offering such unique Business Opportunity?

To grow Window Revival needs to attract, retain and motivate the very best people we can.

The key to business growth is in finding the right people that can be trained to do the right thing at the right time.

Business ownership ignites a level of commitment rarely displayed even in the most capable and committed employee. It is this realisation that has brought us to the decision of offering for sale a share holding in our business to a limited number of active investors with the right attitude to help us grow.

If you have a winners attitude, displayed team spirit and shown a capacity to commit fully to a position in the past then we would very much like to talk to you about the Window Revival business opportunity.

What do you get with your Window Revival Business Opportunity?

When you invest in the Window Revival Business Opportunity you are investing in part of a complete turnkey business system for growing a sustainable business and multiplying your income in a HIGH DEMAND and UNDERSERVICED sector of the home and building improvement industry.

Not only do you receive comprehensive hands on training and support, together with training manuals and an online library of resources... you also receive the benefits of Window Revival's investment in marketing, quoting, scheduling and payment systems.

Currently there are only two business opportunities available - one for a state business development manager (SBDM) and the other a regional technical supervisor (RTS) both are key positions in the business.

All key positions enjoy an attractive salary package and share in the businesses generous profit sharing program

How much does it cost?

A base level Window Revival Business Opportunity starts at $49,950.

The cost to buy into the WR Business Opportunity is not representative of the potential but rather symbolic of the commitment required of each position. Finding the right person with the right attitude we believe is synonymous with their financial capacity as it displays past performance. Plus there is nothing like having fellow team members with skin in the game in our eyes such an investment brings a whole new level of commitment the type needed for Window Revival to achieve its full potential.

We would like to talk to candidates looking to take that next step of going into business for themself but preferring not to be by themself but rather have the support of a proven system. If you are interested in the RTS position you must have access to financial resources of $49,950 as a minimum and for the SBDM position a minimum of $149,000.

To find out more about the choice of levels, what each level provides and the investment required... take the next step...

What's the next step? How do I find out more?

Make an expression of interest today in the Window Revival Business Opportunity by filling in your details below and we will send you "The Window Revival Business Opportunity Info Pack"

Inside your Info Pack, you'll Discover...

The Window Revival Story - the journey to becoming Australia's #1 Awarded and Trusted One Stop Window Restoration Shop.

Why Business Ownership is still the Best Wealth Creation Vehicle - including the major advantages of Business Ownership in a niche market.

Why a Window Revival Business Opportunity - the unique opportunities, multi award winning recognition, advantages of our proven business model, multiple streams of income, exclusive territories, marketing and advertising, backup and support, training.

How Profitable is a Window Revival Business Opportunity - what others have achieved.

Our Code of Ethics and Standards - what we stand for and what we expect.

Is it right for me? Am I right for it? - the questions we ask of you and you should ask yourself.

And... The 9 Step Blueprint to Financial and Lifestyle Freedom - the path to becoming your own boss with a Window Revival Business Opportunity.

And then...

You'll know if Window Revival is the right vehicle to lifestyle and financial success you have been looking for.

The Types of People
this business is designed for show a :

Winners attitude,
Team spirit
Real commitment
Capacity to follow instructions
ResponsibilityCommon Sense
DisciplineDetail minded
Quality Driven
Confident and sociable communicator

Important Information

and above all... committed to follow a proven and successful system.

So, if that sounds like you, and you're looking for a promising future with security, recognition and more time and money than many trade related fields can ever achieve, it might well be worth your while to consider what Window Revival can provide for you and your family.

However People who should Not apply are people who:

Believe in a magic pill
Not able to follow instructions
Not able to work in structured environment
Are lazy
Lack common sense

Our thorough Deselection process will
identify those traits above in interested
candidates which dont make for
a good team member.