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What Guarantee do I get?

ANSWER:This is the most straightforward, plain-spoken, Comprehensive Money Back 7 year paint finish guarantee in writing against bubbling, peeling or flaking! Go HERE to watch the video on our Guarantee.

We have restored window frames for hundreds of satisfied clients over the last 7 years. Go HERE to watch client video testimonials. Clients are so happy that they are prepared to say so on video. And we have done what no other painter will do- provide in writing the World’s only 7 year Money Back guarantee on our paint finish against bubbling, peeling or flaking.

When Window Revival restores your old aluminium windows, they use the very best quality two pac paints and primers and when combined with their 23 point quality control check list of systems and procedures you can be assured of a quality finish that looks spectacular and is durable and long lasting.

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