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Window Tinting Benefits and Process

Window tinting in the Gold Coast and Brisbane is an excellent way to protect yourself and your family from sun damage whilst still letting safe light inside your home. Untinted windows let in harmful UV rays, which are dangerous to your skin; this is why tinting your windows is the safe option.

There are a multitude of benefits that tinted windows provide, such as; gained privacy; reduction of glare; reduction of sun damage and fading of household items; reduction of heat within your home and lower green house gas emissions.

But how exactly does window tinting do all of these things? Well, by using a special type of window tint called Ambiance, which is used by Window Revival, that blocks out specific parts of the light spectrum that are harmful and letting in visible and safe light. By doing this, the window tint can provide all the benefits listed above.

There is a specific process taken during installation in order for optimum quality; a quality that Window Revival strongly upholds. Firstly, your window is measured and the window tint is pre-cut in order for optimal quality. Your window glass is then thoroughly cleaned to remove dust and grease in order for the best surface to apply the window tint. A small amount of soapy water is then sprayed on the glass and on the film to activate the adhesive. The window tinting film is then placed in position and the moisture squeegeed out. The film is then trimmed to the edge of the glass leaving 1–2mm gap to allow for expansion of the glass without damage to the film. And that’s it, a seamless, perfect window tint that ensures security and safety.

A bad window tint can leave your home looking downright ugly, but with a well-applied, high quality window tint, your home can provide you with the protection and privacy that you deserve. When a window tint is installed professionally and correctly, you won’t regret the amazing benefits it supplies.




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