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Some Facts About Window Tinting

Australian summers are hot, with temperatures soaring to over 40 degrees. Like many other Australians, you’ll probably be trying to find ways to keep your house cool without sending your electricity bill through the rood. Window tinting is often an option that comes up. So what, exactly, is window tinting?

Well, the best way to explain window tinting is to describe how companies like Window Revival can tint your windows for you. The process for tinting windows is pretty simple, but oh so effective. There’s no need for you to bother yourself with cleaning the windows- Window Revival will carefully clean the glass for you, prior to installation. Then, a small amount of soapy water is sprayed on the glass and the film that makes up the tint. This is done to activate the adhesive. After this, the film is placed in position and the moisture is squeegeed out. Finally the film is trimmed to the edge, to allow for expansion o the glass without damage to the film.

Simple and easy with no mess and no fuss.

Now, some people may be worried about the film bubbling. Whilst it’s true that the film may bubble, the solution is hassle-free, no matter the cause. Firstly, because of retained moisture. This will be most noticeable on the third or fourth day after installation. However, not to worry; these bubbles will slowly diminish in size and soon evaporate away completely.

The tinting may also bubble due to air. Now, all of the air should have been squeegeed out during installation, but sometimes it may creep back in because of moisture left over from the installation. All it takes is a quick call to Window Revival to return and squeegee the rest of the air out. And finally, there is adhesive failure. This occurs some years after installation, when the adhesive of some lower quality films may break down from the glass. But not to worry! Adhesive failure is covered by warranty.

A standard window films achieve heat reduction by shading the window. Now, this does result in a slight loss of natural light. However, most people are able to trade away a bit of natural light for the loss of that burning summer heat and a bit of privacy.

That’s right- most window films provide privacy from the side with the most lightly. That means that during the day, when the amount of light outside is greater then the amount in, people inside the building can see out but no one outside can see in. Even better, window films reduce the rate of fading curtains, furnishings and carpets by blocking 99% of the ultraviolet spectrum and by reducing heat and light.

So beat the heat this summer, whilst everyone around you squirms in hot jealousy at the sight of your cool, tinted windows.

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