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Will I see brush marks?

ANSWER: You won’t see brush marks because we use specialist HVLP spray painting equipment which is used to produce the high quality finishes on the surface of cars, two pac kitchen cupboards and the finish on luxury boats. Go HERE to watch the video on – will I see paint brush marks?

To give you an idea of the quality of our finish, we’ve been awarded numerous industry awards and accolades, in particular the MBA Painter and Decorator of the Year Award for colour transformation of the windows and doors for the home of a luxury cruise boat builder. That same client has also asked us to do restoration work for him on at least FIVE of his very best clients’ boats!

Our ability to consistently produce high quality finishes for our clients is made possible only because of the 23 point quality control checklist of systems and procedures we have designed, developed and mastered which we rely on day in day out to run our business.

It also helps to have the very best staff. And in that regard we are very fortunate because as a team we have combined experience of 75 years. I personally handpicked all our staff not only on skill and ability but also on their great attitude and work ethic. The other big difference is that all our guys are employees and not subcontractors, so the focus is on quality, quality, quality and not the ‘Wham, Bam, Thank you ma’am,’ attitude that you often find with subcontractors.

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