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How good is the finish?

ANSWER: I’m asked a lot about how good our finish is and, truthfully, with the right preparation even the worst condition surfaces can be made to look fantastic. Go HERE to watch the video on our paint finish.

The best testimony about the quality of our paint finish can be given by the fact that new window manufacturers ask us to restore the powder coating on new windows damaged during construction. And the expectation on the finish we are asked to produce is of a new looking finish to match all the other adjacent new finished surfaces.

Our ability to consistently produce high quality finishes for our clients is made possible only because of the specific 23 point quality control checklist of systems and procedures we have designed, developed and mastered which we rely on day in day out to run our business.

We are so confident in the paint finish we can deliver you that we offer in writing the World’s only 7 year money back guarantee. Go HERE to watch the video on our Guarantee.

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