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How reliable are you?

ANSWER: There is nothing more frustrating than having a job done around your home that drags on and on simply because the tradesmen you contract can’t get organised. Go HERE get more info on how reliable our service is.

We promise you that when you entrust us to do work around your home, we will schedule your job in and start on the allotted date and stay there until finished, weather permitting. Each job is planned out and set into a schedule.

You see, we are so confident in our ability to perform for clients to provide them with to produce a durable long lasting finish in a timely manner that to remove all the risk of doing business with Window Revival, we are prepared to offer in writing the World’s only 7 year ‘no weasel clause’ money back guarantee against bubbling, pealing or flaking. Go HERE to watch the video on our Guarantee.

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