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How long will the paint finish last?

ANSWER: We have restored the aluminium windows for hundreds of clients over the years, starting off with the windows on my home seven years ago -they still look simply fantastic. I replaced one window in my bathroom with a new large bay window so we could enjoy the view from our spa bath and that window looks older and more faded than the ones we painted! Go HERE for more information on how long your paint finish should last.

As they say, preparation is everything in painting. You’ll be shocked at how much preparation our guys go to ensure your windows look simply incredible. And that’s not to mention the mechanical overhaul we can carry out to make your windows glide open with ease.

We are so confident about the quality and durability of the job we’ll do for you that to remove all the risk of doing business with Window Revival, we offer in writing the World’s only 7 year ‘no weasel clause’ money back guarantee against bubbling, peeling or flaking. Go HERE to watch the video on our Guarantee. You can expect to enjoy the look of your windows in the colour of your choice for many years to come!

Our confidence in the durability of our product comes from the countless jobs we have restored, plus the findings of a series of durability tests Window Revival commissioned on aluminium samples we painted by independent durability testing laboratory – PPG Industries. The results reported that our paint samples “withstood durability tests 400% longer than standard industry durability tests without any noticeable change to paint finish” (The actual results are published on pp 11-12 of our Official Consumer Awareness Guide – “7 Big Costly Mistakes Renovators Make When Changing the Colour of Aluminium Windows and How To Avoid Them!”). For your FREE copy go to www.windowrevival.com.au

Our ability to consistently produce high quality durable finishes for our clients is made possible because of the specific 23 point quality control checklist of systems and procedures we have designed, developed and mastered which we rely on day in day out to run our business.

It also helps to have the very best staff. And in that regard we are very fortunate because as a team we have combined experience of 75 years.

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Such a Great Finish, that we provide in Writing a “7 year Money Back Guarantee”

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