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Aluminium Window Painting, The Way to go When Planning for Home Window Renovation or Restoration

It can be a pain in the neck when you notice that your aluminium window frames don’t look their best. Be it because of old and worn paint or knocks and scrapes from too much use, the first solution that springs to mind is replacement. But when you really delve into the matter, you’ll soon find that replacement is not the best choice.

Window replacement can be a tiring and chaotic process. Tearing out your windows to replace them damages the surrounding areas in your home. For example, tiles have to be removed to get the window out, plasterboard gets damaged and brickwork gets damaged… Worst of all, when you rip out your window, the seals that keep the opening between the window and the wall waterproof are destroyed and can’t be fixed. Well, not without pulling down three rows of brickwork from the sill of your windows.

Understandably, this is a problem- it’s an open invitation to damp and termites. Not to mention the high cost involved in replacing your windows AND repairing the ruined areas around your windows. It’s almost unbelievable when you consider the fact that 80% of the time your windows don’t need replacing anyway!

Luckily, there is another option.  Aluminium window painting is an excellent way to restore your windows so that they look as good as new, without all that stress.

The process of aluminium window painting is painless and easy, especially when you have it down to an art form like the guys at Window Revival. Your window frames are cleaned and sanded so they are free of any dirt or grime that might be hidden in grooves and cracks.  Heavy canvas drop sheets and plastic film are used to protect the glass of your windows, your home and its surrounds.

The expertise handiwork soon begins as primer is added onto your frames to protect them from corrosion, as well as to make sure that the topcoat stays firmly on.  After the topcoat is applied in a colour of your choice, further aluminium window restoration (like the replacement of rollers and weather felts) can take place. Finally, the surrounding area is cleaned up scrupulously and you are left with stunning windows that look like they’ve just been put in.

And that’s it. Aluminium Window Painting has no mess and no fuss at all. You don’t just save a lot of your hard earned cash, but you save yourself all the stress and inconvenience of having your windows replaced.

About Chris Vernon

Chris has a long history dating back to the 1980’s renovating and adding immense value to properties, and understands the concerns and frustrations experienced by renovators seeking the balance between maximum value for money and maximum quality of works.

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